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For Amateur Radio Satellite


This is the web site of Clint Bradford, K6LCS who is the AMSAT Coordinator for Southern California. He has an outstanding site, containing Satellite Schedules, Antenna Projects, Advice, and an outstanding blog. This is a must have on the favorites list for any satellite aficionado!

Hams In Space

This is the web site where you can learn all about getting the Hams In Space Sattellite Radio Team to give a presentation on FM Amateur Radio Satellites at your Amateur Radio Club, Hamfest, or Event!

Amateur Radio Satellites

This web site was created by Allen Mattis, N5AFV of Houston, Texas. Not only does this site contain many other links and resources, Allen has also done a lot of study, trial and error, and observations on different antennas and antenna configurations for working amateur radio satellites. I found a lot of useful information here!

A Resource for Working Amateur Radio Satellite

This is the site of Kansas City’s own Ron Nutter, KA4KYI, who is also one of AMSAT’s Area Coordinators for Missouri. Ron provides some very good, basic advice for the new, as well as advanced satellite operator.


The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation or AMSAT is the mother-ship for all who are interested in Amateur Radio Satellites. Everything you need is right here!


For Mobile Installation

The Service Center, Inc.

This company does a fine job of mobile radio installation. For an example of their work, click on my "Mobile Radio" link at the left. If you're in the Kansas City Metro Area, I highly recommend them!


For Radio Hardware

Associated Radio

Your friendly neighborhood candy store of Overland Park, Kansas. Sales, Service, Everything...

Arrow Antennas

Home of the famous, Arrow II LEO, Hand-Held, Yagi Antenna used for satellite contact. They make other surpurb antennas as well.

Elk Antennas

Another maker of supurb antennas for hand-held satellite work. Their specialty is a 2m/70cm Log Periodic Antenna.

Myers Engineering dba

Makers of a wide variety of quadra helix antennas for a wide range of commercial and amateur applications.

Smiley Antenna Company

Makers of a wide variety of tuned, specialty antennas.

Stephen Gulyas BNC-to-SMA Adapters

Maker of specialized antenna adaptors for HT Radios.

For License Study

Ham Test On-Line

HamTestOnline - online courses for the ham radio exams

For QSL Cards


Detailed, color QSL Cards and Eyeball Cards. Great Personal Service! Great Professional Quality!

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