Displayed here are the recommended frequency programs for some of the more popular FM Amateur Radio Satellites. Included with each frequency plan, is the web address / link to the particular satellites information page. All of these satellites have varied schedules as to when and what mode they will be in operation. It’s always good to check these schedules out before you go out to “work the birds!”

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AO-51 Satellite

SO-50 Satellite

What’s this thing with the 74.4 Hz tone?  That actually turns the radios in the satellite on!  In the rare event that SO-50 comes over the horizon, and no traffic is heard, transmit this tone for about 2 seconds.  This will turn the radios on.  If there is no traffic detected for ten minutes, the radios will shut off.  This saves battery power.

AO-27 Satellite

SO-67 Satellite

HO-68 Satellite (Formerly Known as XW-1)

International Space Station (ARISS)

Talk Through the International Space Station Like a Satellite Repeater:

Talk To the International Space Station Astronauts:

Download This Frequency Matrix Plan as a Microsoft Excel 2003 Spreadsheet


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