Here’s my humble shack!

Included here, is a Yaesu FT-897D, with the attached LDG AT-897 Antenna Tuner. The radio is powered by a Samlex SEC1223 Power Supply. I have a used Mic Boom from an FM Radio Station in Texas, with a Nady SP-4 Mic. As you can see in the photo, I have everything connected to Ham Radio Deluxe on the computer. The FT-897D is rated at 100 watts on HF, 50 watts on VHF, and 20 watts on UHF.

The radio is presently connected to three antenna options: First, for HF use, I have the Comet CHA-250B Vertical, Multi-Band antenna. Next is a Tram 1480 VHF-UHF Ground Plane for vertical use, and finally, a KB6KQ, Horizontal Loop antenna, for 2m side band work, which has been loaned to me by my good friend, N0IRS, J. D. Dupuy.

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